Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us?

At ILC, we're proud to be a British Council accredited homestay provider. We offer a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for international students or visitors who are looking for a home away from home. Here are some reasons why you should choose us to start hosting students:


Accredited by British council:

Our accreditation by the British Council means that we have met strict standards for the care and welfare of international students. You can trust that our guests will be well looked after and we'll always be here to support you in ensuring their stay with you is enjoyable and comfortable. Our dedicated team is committed to making your experience as a homestay family a positive one.


Dedicated Staff:

We also have a dedicated staff who works closely with our host families to ensure that they have all the information and resources they need to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students. We understand that hosting international students can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging, which is why we are always on hand to provide guidance and support whenever it is needed.

Tailored to your preferences:

We understand that every host family has different preferences and requirements, and we're committed to being flexible to meet your needs. You can choose whether to offer food or just breakfast, and you can specify whether you prefer to host female or male students. You can also indicate the length of stay that you're willing to accommodate.


Additional earnings:

Hosting international students or visitors can provide you with an additional source of income. We offer competitive rates for our homestay services, and we'll work with you to ensure that you're fairly compensated for your time and effort.


Learning Opportunities:

By hosting guests from different backgrounds, you'll have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. You'll develop your communication and interpersonal skills while also learning about different cultures and customs.

In conclusion, choosing ILC accommodation to start hosting students means that you'll be working with a trusted, accredited homestay provider. We offerflexibility, dedicated staff, and a range of learning opportunities, all while providing you with an additional source of income. If you're interested in becoming a homestay family, we're here to help you every step of the way. Let us know your preferences and requirements, and we'll match you with the right students for you.

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