Becoming a Host Family for ILC Language School in Portsmouth!

Becoming a Host Family for ILC Language School in Portsmouth

Are you interested in welcoming an international student into your home and providing them with a supportive environment while they study? Becoming a host family for ILC Language School in Portsmouth can be a rewarding and enriching experience. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to become a host family and share the benefits of hosting students from different cultures.

Why Become a Host Family?

Hosting an international student offers a variety of benefits, both for the students and for your family. Here are some reasons why becoming a host family for ILC Language School in Portsmouth can be a fantastic opportunity:

   Cultural Exchange

Hosting an international student allows you and your family to learn about different cultures, traditions, and languages. You can share your own cultural experiences while gaining insight into the student's background.

   Language Practice

If you're keen on improving your language skills or helping someone practice English, hosting a student from ILC Language School is an excellent way to achieve that. You'll have the chance to engage in conversations and cultural exchanges on a daily basis.

   Global Connections

By hosting international students, you'll have the opportunity to build lasting connections with people from around the world. Your family can make lifelong friends while expanding your global network.

   Enhance Your Children's Education

If you have children, hosting international students can broaden their horizons and expose them to different perspectives. They may develop an appreciation for diversity and gain valuable intercultural skills.

Steps to Become a Host Family for ILC Language School

Here's a step-by-step guide to becoming a host family for ILC Language School in Portsmouth:

   Contact ILC Language School

Reach out to ILC Language School to express your interest in becoming a host family. They will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the application process.

   Complete the Application

Fill out the host family application form provided by ILC Language School. This form usually includes questions about your family, home, and lifestyle. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed information.

   Interview and Home Visit

The school may conduct an interview with you and visit your home to assess its suitability for hosting students. They might consider factors such as the number of available rooms, proximity to public transportation, and the overall environment.

   Host Family Orientation

Attend a host family orientation session provided by ILC Language School. This session will help you understand your responsibilities as a host family and provide you with essential information and guidelines.

   Match with a Student

Once you are approved as a host family, the school will match you with an international student based on compatibility and the student's preferences. You will have the opportunity to communicate with the student and learn about their needs and interests.

   Provide a Welcoming Environment

Prepare a comfortable and inviting space for the student in your home. Ensure they have a private room with essential furniture and amenities. Familiarize them with your house rules, including mealtimes, curfews, and any specific requirements.

   Foster Cultural Exchange

Encourage interactions and cultural exchange between your family and the student. Take them on local outings, share meals together, and engage in conversations. This will help create a sense of belonging and a friendly atmosphere.

   Offer Support and Guidance

As a host family, you may need to offer guidance and support to the student, especially during their initial transition period. Help them navigate the local area, understand the school's expectations, and provide assistance with any challenges they may face.

Remember, becoming a host family requires patience, understanding, and an open mind. It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a significant impact on an international student's experience in Portsmouth.

So, why not open your home and hearts to an international student? By becoming a host family for ILC Language School in Portsmouth, you can create lifelong memories, meaningful connections, and contribute to a student's educational journey. Get in touch with ILC Language School today and embark on this exciting hosting adventure.